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Ativan is a benzodiazepine drug that’s frequently prescribed to treat anxiety and panic. It is both fast-acting and habit-forming. Due to its highly addictive nature, this drug is intended for short-term use only. After just four months of continuous use, people can become physically and psychologically dependent. Once full-blown addiction is achieved, it is unsafe to quit taking Ativan on your own. 

If you’ve been abusing Ativan and are no longer able to control how much you use, stopping Ativan outright and without the proper support can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms and potentially permanent physical harm. The good news is that you can safely and comfortably detox at our Port St. Lucie facility. Our Ativan detox center is staffed by compassionate medical and mental health professionals. Together, they can create a treatment plan that’s streamlined to meet your unique needs. At Agape Detox Center, you can complete the first and most challenging step of addiction recovery while developing the skills that you’ll need for long-term success.

What Is Ativan?

Ativan is the brand name for lorazepam. Lorazepam is a central nervous system depressant. It works by triggering the release of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a powerful neurotransmitter that has a tranquilizing effect on both the brain and the body. This “feel good” chemical calms the central nervous system (CNS) and makes people feel relaxed and euphoric. When Ativan is used for too long or at excessively high doses, GABA and other important neurotransmitters become worn out. When this occurs, the affected neurotransmitters misfire and are either released in abundance or greatly decreased.

Ativan Addiction and Abuse

The risk of Ativan addiction becomes incredibly high after just four months of use. However, tolerance can be developed to this drug within just a matter of days or weeks. As tolerance to Ativan increases, more of this drug is often needed to produce the same feelings of relaxation and euphoria that it once supplied. When people suffer from panic attacks or consistently high levels of anxiety, they may begin reaching for Ativan whenever they feel uncomfortable. When Ativan doses are decreased or when Ativan is stopped outright, the same conditions that this drug was initially prescribed to treat quickly return. Worse still, they are often greatly heightened.

Common signs of Ativan abuse include:

Negative Effects of Ativan Abuse

Long-term Ativan use and Ativan addiction are dangerous. Lorazepam radically alters the chemical makeup of the brain by tiring out important neurotransmitters like GABA. Overusing or abusing Ativan can also cause:

Studies also show that long-term Ativan abuse may significantly increase a person’s risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, given that both Ativan and alcohol act on the “feel good” neurotransmitter known as GABA, these two substances can never be taken together safely. In addition to suppressing CNS activity, GABA also suppresses the respiratory system. When Ativan and alcohol are used together, difficulty breathing can make this combination fatal.

Ativan Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

Many people who abuse Ativan feel as though they cannot live without it. The sudden return of panic and anxiety when Ativan is stopped can be overwhelming. When Ativan abuse has significantly altered the production and release of GABA, stopping this drug outright can be physically dangerous and emotionally intense. 

With Ativan, withdrawal symptoms present in several different stages. The first of these stages is acute Ativan withdrawal. Acute withdrawal symptoms include:

During this time, people often develop elevated blood pressure and intense feelings of anxiety. 

Acute withdrawal is followed by protracted withdrawal syndrome. Common among people who’ve been taking higher than normal doses of Ativan for extended periods of time, protracted withdrawal syndrome causes:

Nausea and vomiting can continue throughout this stage. 

Finally, nearly all substances entail a lingering stage of withdrawal known as post-acute withdrawal. Post-acute withdrawal symptoms are psychological symptoms like depression, low motivation, malaise, and suicidal thoughts. Post-acute withdrawal can additionally include problems with insomnia, disturbing dreams, and many other sleep difficulties. This phase of Ativan withdrawal can last for months but often abates after 90 days when the brain’s chemistry has begun to normalize.

Ativan Withdrawal Timeline

On average, Ativan has a half-life of just 10 to 12 hours. Thus, withdrawal symptoms for Ativan typically start within 24 hours of last use or sooner. Acute withdrawal symptoms peak after three to five days but can linger for up to two full weeks. However, protracted withdrawal syndrome during Ativan detox can last for one month or longer. Factors such as age, length of addiction, typical Ativan dose, and general health all play roles in determining the overall duration of withdrawal. 

When Do You Need Detox for Ativan Addiction?

If you’ve been using Ativan for more than four months, you should talk with your doctor about implementing a weaning program. It is never safe to quit this drug “cold turkey” once dependency has been reached. If you’ve been taking more Ativan than your doctor has prescribed or experimenting with other benzodiazepine drugs, you should enroll in a medically supervised medical detox program. Anytime that a person develops uncomfortable physical or psychological symptoms when stopping Ativan, outside support is needed. Given the significant impact that this drug has on the brain, its chemistry, and its basic functions, there is no safe way to quit Ativan alone.

Why Is Medical Supervision Necessary?

When you stop taking Ativan alone, it can be dangerous. Intense cravings for this drug and extreme psychological distress place people at an elevated risk of both self-harm relapsing early-on. Moreover, once the brain and body have become dependent upon Ativan, the potential for severe physical withdrawal symptoms is incredibly high. If the right interventions are not received early-on, an unsupervised Ativan detox can result in dangerously elevated blood pressure, grand mal seizures, and even death.

Ativan Detox at Agape Detox Center

Our Port St. Lucie facility is located in sunny Southern Florida. On our campus, you can take part in a number of relaxing therapies, and you’ll have access to various recreation types. For people in recovery at Agape, we offer:

Our whole-health approach helps our patients prioritize their well-being, and find ways to alleviate panic and anxiety without returning to Ativan abuse.

When you arrive, you’ll undergo a comprehensive mental health and medical exam. These evaluations will allow us to create an individualized treatment plan that accounts for your substance abuse history, any co-occurring disorders that you have, your goals, and your current level of wellness. We can implement a targeted weaning program, and we can leverage withdrawal medications for limiting your symptoms. Throughout your stay, we’ll make your health and wellness our top priority, even as we offer therapies and medical interventions with the least likelihood of causing new dependencies.

What to Expect During Detox

You can expect around-the-clock monitoring when detoxing from Ativan at Agape Detox Center. Our team will regularly check your vital signs and administer medications as necessary for limiting your anxiety and relieving other withdrawal symptoms. We’ll offer nutrition and hydration support, sleep support, and targeted mental health services. We’ll also regularly revise your detox plan as your condition changes. Throughout the entirety of your stay, we’ll work hard to ensure that the withdrawal process is as easy and stress-free as possible. Best of all, when you’re ready, you can seamlessly transition into our onsite inpatient rehab program where you can take part in behavioral health services, dual diagnosis treatment, and more.

Why Choose Agape for Ativan Detox?

Dual diagnosis treatment at Agape Detox Center makes Ativan detox easier and infinitely more successful. Issues such as:

can be properly diagnosed and treated. For many people with Ativan addiction, dual diagnosis treatment eliminates the need to self-medicate.

Our whole health approach is focused on ensuring sustainability. When our patients are done with detox, they can enter our inpatient program to learn strategies for the long-term prevention of relapse. We focus on diligent self-care and help our clients recognize their worth. We always strive to treat addiction at its underlying causes to promote overall emotional, physical, and mental wellness.

Contact Agape and Get Started Today

If you’re tired of being addicted to Ativan and want to reclaim your freedom and your life, we can help. Call us today to speak with our admissions coordinators. We can tell you about the insurances we accept, your available payment options, and the different treatment programs and services we provide.

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