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Drug and Alcohol Detox Accepts CIGNA Health Insurance

AGAPE opiate drug and alcohol detox Port St Lucie accepting CIGNA health insurance. What do CIGNA health insurance, mental health insurance, and addiction treatment have in common? They’re all provided by the same company! One of the most trusted names in health insurance, CIGNA has been around since 1853 and has grown to become the largest health insurance provider in the country. And CIGNA isn’t just about offering their members access to quality medical care; they also offer discounted rates on substance abuse and mental health treatment so that people with addiction problems can get help they need without going bankrupt. Find out more here.

Why Does AGAPE Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in Port St Lucie Accept CIGNA Health Insurance?


Our drug and alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie that accept CIGNA health insurance have done some homework for individuals seeking addiction treatment. CIGNA health insurance covers mental health and addiction treatment, with many plans offering prescription medications and physical therapy sessions. CIGNA stands out from other health insurance companies because they have always been committed to helping those that need drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as coverage of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Contact CIGNA today to find out if they have what you need in terms of addiction treatment and recovery assistance.

In 1982, Connecticut General Corporation, Cigna’s corporate predecessor, was established. A year later, in 1983 Cigna completed its first acquisition – a small California-based company known as Security Health Plan (SHP). In 1985, Connecticut General changed its name to Cigna Corporation. Two years later in 1987 they acquired London United Provident Association. Other acquisitions followed soon after: Mercantile Trust Company of Ohio in 1994; Executive Life Insurance Company of New York in 1997; Transport Life & Casualty Insurance Company in 1998; First Colony Life Insurance Company; and OneBeacon America Holding Company all in 1999.

When you choose Cigna as your health insurance company, you can count on a great number of benefits that you’re not going to get with other providers. There are so many advantages to signing up for Cigna medical coverage that people all over America are doing it every day. When they make the decision to enroll in a Cigna health plan, they realize why so many other Americans have taken advantage of its programs in recent years: they save more money while enjoying a better quality of care. They also know that when they need assistance, there will be plenty of help available right at their fingertips.

Important Things Too Know About Health Insurance

When AGAPE drug and alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie decided to accept CIGNA health insurance we learned a few little-known facts. Most states now have some form of mental health parity laws. This means that, in theory, your insurance provider cannot require a higher co-pay or co-insurance for treatment of your depression than it would for any other condition. Even with these laws in place, however, there can still be big differences in how different insurers handle such policies; they may even have different requirements within their own catalogs. For example, Cigna covers chemical dependency in a very selective manner: It only covers alcohol and cocaine dependence — with an annual benefit limit — but not nicotine or marijuana.

Other insurers like Aetna, on other hand, won’t pay for any kind of inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation. The company will only reimburse for outpatient services. If you have a high-deductible plan, Aetna will only kick in after you’ve paid out of pocket $2,000 per year; furthermore, you can still face copays as high as 20 percent. None of these policies are universal — they vary even within companies — so take your time researching to find one that works best for your situation.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Accepting CIGNA Health Coverage for Substance Abuse


When trying to find drug and alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie that accept CIGNA health insurance it can be difficult. You quickly get bombarded by many companies that are just lead generation. Trying to weed through to actual addiction treatment centers can be extremely difficult. If you have landed here, you are most definitely in the right place. AGAPE detox in Port St Lucie, Florida is part of a bigger addiction treatment center servicing Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida. However, more importantly the AGAPE continuum of care is focused on dual diagnosis and mental health. These are at the core of addiction and must be treated properly. In addition to all of that, we provide medication addicted treatment or MAT at our detoxification center in south Florida.

Mental Health Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction Treatment Cigna is known for providing exceptional health care services that give people access to substance abuse rehab programs. The number of alcoholics, addicts, and drug abusers continues to rise every year, so there’s no doubt that Cigna knows what it’s doing when it comes to offering quality healthcare coverage to those who need it most. People with a drug or alcohol problem should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If they don’t get help right away, they can easily fall into other harmful behaviors such as unsafe sex practices, committing crimes like theft or violence, homelessness and even suicide attempts.

Cigna’s Health Insurance Policies Cigna’s professional and compassionate approach to treating drug abuse is one of a kind. According to their website, they understand that everyone is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to becoming clean and sober. When people need help, they want someone on their side who will guide them through recovery while making sure they feel safe at all times. Cigna offers two plans that are designed specifically for alcoholics and addicts in order to meet each person’s specific needs. Their plan can be used by people struggling with alcohol or drugs, as well as other forms of substance abuse such as nicotine, pornography, gambling, or internet abuse.

Does CIGNA Health Insurance Pays for Mental Health Treatment?

While our drug and opiate detox in Port St Lucie accepts Cigna health insurance for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they also cover mental health. Cigna also allows patients to pay out of pocket without a deductible, as well as in-network plans with low co-pays or co-insurance. If you have any further questions about how much your policy covers for substance abuse treatment, you can call us at (855) 948-2936 and we will tell you your exact coverage. We will be able to better explain your specific plan or answer questions about mental health and substance abuse coverage from an independent source free of charge.

On the Cigna health insurance website, it offers information about different types of coverage. However, understanding it can be difficult. If you want to know more about, “How much does a drug detox in Port St Lucie?”, or “How much is an alcohol and drug rehab center in your area charging for treatment with CIGNA?”, you can talk to our admissions team of drug and alcohol addiction professionals. These professionals work for AGAPE directly and have the answers immediately with no confusion. In addition, they can explain your plan better than Cigna’s website due to their current knowledge of it.

If you want to learn more about Cigna health insurance coverage for substance abuse or mental health treatment, you can read through their website. It also offers information on how they cover other aspects of your healthcare plan. However, if you have specific questions that aren’t answered by their website or need to talk to someone directly about your individual plan, their customer service team will be able to help. We work directly for Cigna on a daily basis, so we can offer information straight from an official source. They may even know things that aren’t covered on their site! If you want answers from an expert without being redirected again and again from person to person, then contact AGAPE’s south Florida admission’s team today.

AGAPE Opiate Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Accept CIGNA Health Insurance for addiction treatment and Mental Health


It is difficult to find a drug and alcohol detox center in Port St Lucie that accepts CIGNA health insurance. As you have experienced searching for the best drug rehab is not an easy task. When doing a search on Google for, “drug detox centers Port St Lucie, or near me, that accept CIGNA” produces confusing results. You want a full continuum of care like AGAPE. Our Fort Lauderdale, Florida addiction treatment center is primarily mental health treating co-occurring disorders.

AGAPE drug rehabs West Palm Beach area are Joint commission accredited, which means they provide the highest level of health care like hospitals. We only use credentialed substance abuse counselors. AGAPE is one of the best substance abuse facilities in south Florida. You are here because you were looking for opiate drug and alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie that accept CIGNA health insurance. So, call us right now at at (855) 948-2936 and start living your life again.

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