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Why Choose a Medical Detox Program?

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Choosing a medical detox center, where staff monitor symptoms and vital signs regularly could be the life or death difference when withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. A medical detox program is designed to help manage withdrawal symptoms to ensure the patient is comfortable and safe. 

This holds true regardless of if it’s an illegal or prescription drug or alcohol someone is addicted to. A medical detox program is also hugely important for someone suffering from a co-occurring mental illness and addiction. 

What is Detox?

Detoxing is the process of ridding the body of drugs or alcohol and the toxins left behind. The purpose of detox is to manage the withdrawal symptoms one may experience when they stop using drugs or alcohol. There are many factors that can affect the process, length, and severity of detoxing for each person. 

How Long Does Detox Take?

Detoxing the body from drugs, and alcohol can take anywhere from approximately 72 hours to 10 days. As mentioned before, there are many factors that determine the length of time detoxing can take. 

A typical detox from an alcohol addiction usually takes about 7 days. During this detox, the body has strong symptoms the first few days, which taper off as the week unfolds. Stopping alcohol cold turkey can cause significant medical issues, and even death in some cases, so it’s important to detox the correct way. 

Different types of drugs have different detox rates. The way the drug was ingested, how often, and the amount of drug taken at any given time, as well as the length of the drug addiction all, play a key role in the detox timeline. For instance, a person who used benzodiazepines by ingesting them orally for several years will have a much harder time detoxing than someone who used benzos for a few months.

Can I Detox at Home?

Detoxing at home can be extremely unsafe. It is also not recommended for someone who desires long-term recovery from their addiction. Detoxing at home carries many hazards, including medical emergencies which need immediate attention. 

Some people still try to detox at home, knowing the dangers. In this case, their chances of relapse are much higher than someone who detoxes in a medical facility. This is partly due to the withdrawal symptoms, and also due to their lack of preparedness for a treatment program. 

Detoxing in a Medical Facility

Detoxing in a medical facility is a much more comfortable, and safe way to detox than detoxing at home. A medical detox center not only provides medical staff to watch over the patients but also a solid plan of action to go from detox to treatment. 

At Agape Detox Center, the atmosphere is much more resort-like than a sterile hospital setting. This is for the comfort of our patients, as well as helpful for their road to recovery. We have alcohol detox programs, as well as drug-specific drug detox programs to meet individual needs.

How Do Medical Professionals Help During Detox?

A group of licensed, and experienced detox professionals provide 24/7 care that includes a comprehensive medical assessment and ongoing management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or drug withdrawals. If a complication arises, like seizures, or dehydration from vomiting, a medical staff member would be there to assist and provide proper medication. 

Medical staff is also helpful to ensure the comfort of their patients. Whether that be medication-assisted detoxing, or specific dietary needs. There are staff members available at all times to assist medical detox patients.

What is the Medical Detox Process?

The medical detox process is a proven method that works to ensure the best chances of long-term recovery for each individual addict. Whether someone is suffering from a substance abuse issue or an alcohol addiction, the programs at a medical detox center can be tailored to their needs. The process starts with an evaluation, then the patient becomes stabilized and is prepared for a treatment program. 


A thorough evaluation will be performed by a medical professional. An evaluation usually consists of a questionnaire, blood tests, a physical exam, and a screening for co-occurring mental health disorders or other medical issues.

A psychologist or therapist will also determine a person’s psychological state and whether they have a strong support system available.  A physician will then develop a treatment plan using all information gathered from the various tests. 


Stabilization is the next part of the process. The patients have discontinued drug use and have had help to achieve sobriety. They are now in a medically stable condition. 

This process could also include medications that may be used to ease withdrawal symptoms for some drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. The length of withdrawal and severity of symptoms depend on the specifics of the person’s addiction. Typically, stabilization can last between one and three weeks.

Preparation for Treatment

The last stage of going to a detox program is preparing for treatment. Preparing for treatment can be scary, but being prepared is actually the best way to calm fears. After detox, a treatment program that contains many different modalities for getting healthier will be suggested as the next step.

In order to be successful in recovery from addiction, treatment is necessary. So, taking the suggestion of treatment will ensure the chances of success are much higher than if a detox program alone was completed. In treatment, new skills to cope with all the challenges that will be faced after leaving are learned. In addition to new skills, treatment can also uncover the “whys” of an addiction. Learning the why can be instrumental in staying on the path of recovery. 

Starting the Detox Journey

To start a detox journey, it is important to contact a facility to learn their requirements, and how to get started. Agape Detox Center has a resort-like environment that helps the detox program feel less clinical, while still being safe, and monitored by medical professionals.  Calling Agape Detox is an easy way to learn more about a medical detox program, and the treatment following.

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