Cocaine Detox Port St Lucie Program

The cocaine detox Port St Lucie staff felt the need to educate on cocaine detoxification. For any person who has become addicted to cocaine, the need for detox with medical supervision becomes an issue once the person has decided to stop abusing cocaine for good. Although withdrawal symptoms from cocaine addiction are not documented as severe compared to other drugs like heroin or benzodiazepine withdrawal, cocaine addiction still causes debilitating withdrawal symptoms. At Agape Detox, we follow a safe and effective medication-assisted treatment approach to lessen and reverse these symptoms.

Our cocaine detox Port St Lucie, Florida center embraces the updated mindset that treats addiction as a disease of the brain. People who are addicted to cocaine require empathy and respect. There is not one addict who can say they intended to become addicted to cocaine or other drugs. Addiction happens over time and after the drug has altered the normal functioning of the brain. Cocaine addicts are often the first to admit they need help. We have successfully been helping cocaine addicts detox off cocaine and methamphetamine, helping countless individuals achieve long-term recovery.

Recovery From Cocaine Addiction

The methods we utilize at our cocaine detox West Palm Beach, Florida center, include comfort medication to ease anxiety, depression, promote sleep and relaxation, reduce nausea and vomiting. Our unique cocaine detox protocol will initiate a repairing of the brains normal cognitive functioning. The detox admission process begins by calling one of our addiction recovery specialists. After a careful assessment, we will then make the arrangements for admission into our center within 24 hours.

The symptoms that occur when a person attempts to detox alone off cocaine are extremely uncomfortable and serious. They include depression, agitation, restless behavior, nightmares, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Our cocaine detox Port St Lucie, Florida center is overseen by a professional medical staff who specialize in addiction recovery. We are a state licensed facility that employs a cross-disciplinary staff of medical doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors. Each staff member is committed to ensuring that every client receives direct medical supervision around the clock.

Cocaine Detox Port St Lucie Options

Once a person completes our cocaine detox Port St Lucie, Florida program, they are encouraged to continue their recovery in residential treatment. Agape Detox is a modern and comfortable treatment facility. Our staff is always available for every client’s need. We ensure that each client receives much needed emotional counseling and support during this difficult time. If you or your loved one are ready to end an addiction to cocaine, call our 24-hour staff and we will ensure a quick admission.

Agape drug detox Port St Lucie is available for men, women and young adults. The admission process begins when we have been contacted directly by you or your loved one. We’re waiting for your phone call around the clock and our treatment team is standing by to provide a confidential assessment.

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