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AGAPE’s drug and alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie, Florida allows men and women to safety get off drugs and alcohol they’re addicted to. Our addiction professionals and specialists are passionate about helping rebuild lives affected by substance use disorders. Understanding the top 7 signs you need our alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie can save lives. If you or a loved one are ready for a full spectrum of substance abuse care during the detoxification process, then give us a call for an assessment. Every single patient is unique and tailored with a personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan and paired with a therapist. Our clinical team ensures withdrawal symptoms are managed with medication assisted treatment (MAT) without causing excessive discomfort. this makes the whole process a fulfilling experience. Start building the foundation for long-term recovery with AGAPE Detox in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Alcohol Detox Centers in Port St Lucie Can Help

Our alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie, Florida provides the best medical care during the entire detoxification. Alcohol detox is a process that typically takes anywhere from three to seven days. However, this depends on how long you have been abusing alcohol. Keep in mind that every individual has a different tolerance level for alcohol and will require an individualized treatment plan based on his or her unique medical history. What works for one person might not work for another, so it’s important to have a team of professionals who can monitor your progress during each stage of your treatment.

Did you know you experience emotional withdrawal usually during the first day? During your first day or two of treatment, you might begin to feel anxious and moody as your body starts to rid itself of alcohol. This is also known as emotional withdrawal, or acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS). It is important to understand that each person experiences AWS differently. If you find yourself becoming irritable or angry during your first week of treatment, it’s not necessarily because you are a terrible person but rather because your brain is being deprived of its natural coping mechanism for stress and anxiety—alcohol.

When it comes to alcohol detox, it’s important to understand that you can’t just stop. Knowing what to look for  to identify you need help from our alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie. In fact, most people who are physically dependent on alcohol don’t just stop. Whether they recognize it or not, their bodies crave more of a certain drug and will actively work against them when it is withheld. In just about every detox center in America—whether that be for drugs or alcohol—you can expect to feel some type of physical discomfort within the first few days of treatment. The most common effects of acute withdrawal include fatigue, irritability, and nausea/vomiting; these symptoms may be worsened by unfamiliar surroundings, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.

AGAPE’s medically supervised alcohol detox centers in Port St Lucie, Florida greatly helps with acute alcohol withdrawal. This is the second stage of treatment involving addressing physical withdrawal symptoms, like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. These are common side effects associated with many medications used to treat alcohol dependence. You will most likely be given medication or fluids intravenously or through an IV while you receive other medications to calm your body and brain during acute alcohol withdrawal (AAW).

Drug Detox Center In Port St Lucie, Florida Options

AGAPE’s drug detox center in Port St Lucie has the experience and education to provide the safest detoxification. This combined with our holistic, evidenced based practices we can bring you to long-term recovery. Here is one of our most popular questions, “What happens during the drug detox process?”  The drug detox process varies from one person to another and from one substance to another. So, there’s no set blueprint for how things will unfold during your detox. However, if you’re worried about the opiate drug detox process or have never undergone one before, you can rest assured that most of your fears are likely unfounded. The drug detox process is often uncomfortable, but usually not physically dangerous. Most people come out of it feeling better than they did before they started their detox program.

Many people do not know, “What happens during an opiate overdose?” There are many biological things going on during this time. When it comes to certain drugs (including heroin and other opioids), your body has built up a dependency that must be addressed through an intense detox process. If you have never been through an alcohol detox before and are taking prescription drugs or abusing illegal substances, it is vital that you learn what will happen throughout detox. Here is what happens day-to-day during drug detox: Day 1: During your first day of drug detox, our experienced doctors administer medications that keep your symptoms at bay as they wean you off of your addiction. During your first day of drug detox, you’ll likely experience some or all of these symptoms: severe cravings for drugs, decreased appetite, feelings of restlessness and/or agitation, drowsiness or mild sedation, rapid heart rate, nausea and vomiting. 

During days 2-4 at our opiate drug detox in Port St Lucie you’ll likely feel as though things aren’t getting any better. In fact, you may begin having serious doubts about whether or not you’ll ever feel normal again. This is a common occurrence and is something that can be addressed by talking with your physician and following through with detox treatment until completion. After day 4 of opiate detox, it’s common for patients to begin feeling significantly better in terms of their physical wellbeing and ability to perform regular tasks. Day 7 of Opiate Detox: Day 7-10 will typically be spent in more intense counseling sessions regarding recovery post-detox and addressing underlying issues that drove people into addiction in order to prevent relapse.



How do I safely get off drugs or alcohol?

Are you or a loved one tired of being sick and tired because of addiction? Substance abuse and alcoholism can quickly make your life unmanageable and lead to pain, misery, and often the final outcome, a fatal overdose. Luckily, the story of your life doesn’t have to end this way. With decades of combined experience in clinical and evidence-based detox methods, we’ve put together a program that truly works. If you or a loved one are searching for an effective and comfortable solution to drug and alcohol detox, then you’re in the right place. Give our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Port St Lucie, florida a call around the clock. Our admissions specialists will guide you in the process of getting help quickly in our premier drug detox center. 

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